Eating junk foods and unhealthy foods make people unhealthy, inactive, overweight and obese. This habit of eating can full our tummy but it will not give any nutrients to our body which are required.

People fall sick and go to the hospital for the treatment, so eating healthy can save our money as well as body which gets health disorders at the young age. Drinking and smoking are also harmful to our health. Healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, cereals and pulses, grains, etc. must be included in our daily diet.



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We plan the diet for you, teach you the signifiance of nutrition and how the cure & prevent nutritional dificiency disorders

Diseases, food to cities and total nutrition for you and whole community

The Prakarti Of a person present since his/her birth it helps a nutritionist to determint the type of food and habbits to be followed by the person to remain healthy. The prakarti of a person donot harm the person such as the poision inside a snake do not kill him, Ref (S.Sa.St 4/78)  

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The Prakarti